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Roulette Jackpot Casino Pro

1.99 usd

This is the ad free version of our well known casino game 'Roulette Jackpot Casino Crack'. The best ad free American Roulette Jackpot Casino game, let you luck roll with the best Roulette Jackpot Casino game, developed by highly recognized Phoenix Casinos! Place your bet on the game board, and watch the wheel spin to see if you are a winner. Take a break from the slots, and get your gambling fix with the ultimate casino game.HOW TO PLAY:
The American Roulette Jackpot Casino game comes with highly colorful and easy play mode in which players can choose to place roulette bets on a unique number or a variety of numbers, whether it is red or black.
Determination of Winning Color:After selection of colors the croupier spins the wheel in one direction and then later spins the ball in opposite direction around 38 colored and numbered pockets tilted on the wheel and the ball stops on one of the colored pocket.
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